it’s me, not Adele. I made this thing so that I can write about things!

Reasons why I started this:

  •  it’ll be part of my self-care (sidenote: I am totally not sorry if I cause anyone to get into an internet-spiral-down a self-care bottomless pit, because take care of yourselves, people.)
  • inspired by my most creative friend: Adam
  • to express myself and my interests (including but not limited to): mental health, art journaling (that’s my art journal up there in my header thing!), photography, home decor, fashion/style, beauty, tv/movies
  • to explore my creativity
  • to write more in general, especially on topics of social justicemental health issues, and weird analyses of things I see on TV or IRL
  • help other people find their sources of creative expression or methods of self-care
  • possibly do an advice column where people can ask anonymously, not that I’m an expert of anything or anyone but it might be fun (or disastrous? ) We’ll see.
  • maybe I could one day submit something to ThoughtCatalog. Lol surprisingly a life-long goal?
  • Okay, I’m getting off topic.

’till the next one. Meanwhile , I’ll be rummaging through a thesaurus somewhere so I don’t just say ‘really’ or ‘a lot’ a lot. Please excuse my grammar in advance. xoxo gossip girl

(I mean bye.)



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