I think most people coincide a vision board with new years resolutions (New Year New Me) or middle schoolers pasting poster boards with magazine cut outs of words like “Beautiful” or encouraging phrases like “Live, Laugh, Love.” (Ew?) But actually vision boards are helpful for even adults (at any age), especially for people who like tangible things to represent their thoughts. As cheesy as it sounds, vision boards allow you to really manifest what you want for yourself for the near future. It lets you channel positive energy into goals and plans you have sitting in your head ready to jump out into your actual life.

It’s also really eye-opening to look back at your vision board from the past and compare what your current one looks like. You don’t even have to make one just for the beginning of a new year. You can make one whenever you need a boost in motivation and positivity.

Yes it’s almost been two full months of 2017, and I have just finished my Four-Part vision board. I decided to collage four different parts of my vision board for 2017, each one having a different theme. I feel like this way I was able to organize my thoughts and visions for each part instead of having all of it splattered onto one big poster board. I won’t go into too much detail, but here are the themes of each part.

(top left) part I: travel, flexibility

(bottom left) part II: self-love

(top right) part III: create and share self-care

(bottom right) part IV: counsel



I encourage anyone who has access to magazines, newspapers, a computer with internet and a printer even, to try this to visualize goals for the year (or even five years! do you, boo). If you need help getting started on collaging in general, check out this post.

Personal growth is a process that requires a lot of effort on your part, and this exercise is somewhat of a fertilizer (not as stanky either ;D).


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