1. The mouthwatering-worthy broth at Pho Dai Loi on Buford and the reliability of Pho 24 for late nights out (or shameless day cravings)
  2. Stumbling out of Moondogs after rounds of Flip Cup and ending the night in front of that fan at Hole in the Wall
  3. Biking the Beltline and admiring the music video-esque hotties with roller skates and an EDM-blasting boombox
  4. Waffle House around every corner. Literally, there are two next to each other off that Chamblee Tucker Rd exit.
  5. The random and cute “I don’t need this, but I want this” knick knacks at Richard’s Variety Store on Monroe Dr.
  6. Taco Mac and International Cafe wings
  7. Recognizing locations in scenes from reality shows like Real Housewives of Atlanta and Love and Hip Hop Atlanta (they shot at Sweet Hut in Doraville once.. I was shook)
  8. The comfiest seats you can’t sleep on at Phipps AMC theatre (or you’d just be getting a $17 nap)
  9. Feeling bad and boujee shopping at Lenox
  10. The string of bars and memories of Edgewood Avenue: Church, Mother’s, Noni’s, and Joystick sprinkled in every now and then (RIP Department Store)
  11. East Atlanta Village’s Graveyard Tavern: the hearse parked front with a cheeky skeleton in the driver’s seat
  12. The home-y feel of Georgia Tech’s campus (only felt after #gettingout aka graduating), avoiding the “sleeping grass” which now apparently you can lounge on
  13. The feeling of being at Tongue and Groove after hearing it referenced in a Childish Gambino freestyle
  14. The underrated swag and styles of GSU students
  15. The quaint feeling of being in downtown Decatur and visiting Jeni’s Ice Cream
  16. That Popeyes on Clairmont next to that one shitty apartment I lived in
  17. The high chances of running into a rapper or producer/friend/mom of a rapper
  18. Joining in on the “ATL HO” chant at music events
  19. All the good ass authentic food on Buford highway
  20. Pretending to be an Emory student to get into Dooley’s Week concerts (since they always had the best artists- Chance the Rapper, the Chainsmokers, NOT Migos though #toosoon)
  21. Pretending to get exercise at Piedmont Park, but actually creeping on dogs at the dog park (just kidding I don’t actually do that but you should)
  22. The ever-so streamlined experience at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. No other city’s airport has come close in my opinion.
  23. Visiting Sweet Hut on work breaks with my usual order of lychee black tea + chia seeds
  24. Atlantic Station’s huge Christmas tree they put up during the holidays. You can see your face in the reflection in the shiny ornaments 
  25. The predictability of John’s Creek #theJC
  26. Randomly hearing the foolishness of 107.9’s “Side Piece Shout Out” segment after a long and stressful day
  27. Murder Kroger. Never forget
  28. Cascade Family Skating. They legitimately play better music than any club I’ve recently been to.
  29. The Superman and Batman rides at Six Flags, but only during the Fall.
  30. The new-new feel of Ponce City Market (which is never as crowded as Chelsea Market in Manhattan)

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