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May was a month of the new-news: new job, new friends, and this new homesick feeling I’ve never really had before. Needless to say, I can always count on music to sync with me for every mood that came, went, and stubbornly remained. This is by far one of my shortest playlists, and I guess it’s a huge sign that I was actually really mentally (and physically) exhausted this month. Regardless, I’m grateful that I had this playlist on during my hour long commutes. Some highlights were:

    • Gold Guns Girls – Metric // Whenever I heard this I thought that it’s so relevant right now politically, and it matched my angsty insides with the lyrics “All the gold and the guns in the world (couldn’t get you off)… “
    • Netflix & Dusse – Smino // This track gives me those making out on the couch after a 3rd date vibe, if that makes sense 😉
    • Roses (feat. Dai Burger) – Chicken // This song reminds me of TLC in their prime + familiar present-day tones. It’s the first thing I’ve heard from both of these artists, so I’mma keep an ear out for more.
    • Rollin’ – Calvin Harris, Future, Khalid // When I first heard this one, my mood was instantly bumped up. I felt like I needed to putting my head out the car of a window like a shaggy dog. I’m a fan of all three of these artists and proclaim this to be the Summer 2017 anthem. It also mentions one of Atlanta’s main highways 85 so that was an added bonus. #heavybreathing
    • Oh Devil – Electric Guest //  Another first I’ve heard from this band, and this song made me check out their most recent album which was amazing. It’s hard to explain a sound so unique, but it’s basically a catchy and almost reggae-like beat combined with high vocals from a guy who for some reason I picture wearing Hawaiian shirts on the daily? Idk, listen and see if that is anywhere close to what you’re thinking. 
    • Mr. Blue Sky – Electric Light Orchestra // Okay I HAD to mention a song from this movie’s soundtrack, especially the song they start the movie with – the movie being Guardians of the Galaxy II. It’s so catchy and I can just picture Baby Groot dancing every time I hear it.

If you use spotify daily like me and want easier access to current and old playlists, go ahead and follow me 🙂

Also, shout out to this podcast I discovered a little late in the game called The Read, which I highly recommend for people who keep up with pop culture and love shading trashy reality show casts. It has a foundation of socially aware hosts who feed off each others’ laughter.


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