New Year, New … Vision Board? 2017 Edition

I think most people coincide a vision board with new years resolutions (New Year New Me) or middle schoolers pasting poster boards with magazine cut outs of words like "Beautiful" or encouraging phrases like "Live, Laugh, Love." (Ew?) But actually vision boards are helpful for even adults (at any age), especially for people who like tangible … Continue reading New Year, New … Vision Board? 2017 Edition

bullet journal: February 2017 Setup   Happy February! Here is a quick video of my current bullet journal with the setup for February 2017. Hope this is helpful. Please let me know in the comments below if there are any questions or suggestions for future videos. Thanks for watching and remember to stay minty 🙂

10 Ways to Conquer Creative Block

Watch people doing what they love to do, existing in their element. I recently watched this video that J. Cole released in time for his newest album. It shows him in his creative process while working on the album, and it is inspiring to say the least. Even though I'm not a musical artist myself, seeing … Continue reading 10 Ways to Conquer Creative Block