Bullet Journal Supply Haul 01

Ok so, shopping isn't always self-care, but when it's shopping for bullet journal stuff it pretty much is! Here's a haul video on my YouTube channel, highlighting some of the items I got for bullet journal-ing.


how to bullet journal: konmari decluttering

This week has felt hella long for some reason. It may be some of the incompetent people being appointed to very important positions or whatever else pops up in my newsfeed every hour. It's a lot to take in! I'm one of those people who feels better after cleaning my room and organizing some of … Continue reading how to bullet journal: konmari decluttering

bullet journal: February 2017 Setup

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nlp5bZEVLUM   Happy February! Here is a quick video of my current bullet journal with the setup for February 2017. Hope this is helpful. Please let me know in the comments below if there are any questions or suggestions for future videos. Thanks for watching and remember to stay minty 🙂

3 Self-Care Tips for the Woke and Troubled

Once again, violence has struck the world in such horrid and unfair circumstances. #altonsterling #phiandocastile #dallas. Lives have been lost, and in the aftermath there is an overflow of brooding anger and pain. Those who are "woke and troubled" have the burden of feeling the implications of these shootings with the expectations from society and their … Continue reading 3 Self-Care Tips for the Woke and Troubled

what the bleep is: being woke?

We can all joke around and use 'stay woke.' as a punctuation to a funny tweet or text. We could even mention the different urban dictionary definitions of the word "woke." But what does it actually mean to be fully woke - fully aware of what is going on with yourself, the world, and its other … Continue reading what the bleep is: being woke?

Starting an Art Journal

Art journaling is something I started because I wanted to express my creativity on a more regular basis without having the added stress of having its worth appointed by others. Creativity is something that I've felt I wasn't able to use actively and freely in my work or school life especially being in a field that … Continue reading Starting an Art Journal